Past Work

Nature's Narrative

'Woven textiles embrace natural materials and stories from untouched landscapes. ‘Nature’s Narrative’ delivers a collection, based on a soil-to-soil practice, using biodegradable fibres that blend in with the landscape. The designs have Nordic style influences and rustic textures. My inspiration comes from exploring mood and colour from Scottish landscapes and conserving heritage ideas through traditional practices and patterns. I work with with British Wool, linen, Tencel and banana fibre and have hand-dyed yarns using foraged seaweed, indigo and madder. The natural pigments explore wellbeing and help reduce toxic pollution and chemicals in our homes. My weaving offers calming simplicity and connections between the consumer and the material.'

Sensory Intervals: Eating Out In 2035 Trend

'Woven surfaces functioning as social distance divides in restaurants. The uplifting colours are combined with geometrics, creating urban structures to contrast the softly draped fabric. Photogenic spaces for wealthy influencers, searching for luxury and premium materials. The subtle movement of silk is combined with strong linen and paper yarns, while folds add texture, with thermosetting and metal-infused yarns.'

Techniques & Structures (during lockdown)

'I have been playing around with 3 Dimensional weaving structures (Waffle weave & pleats) to generate more knowledge of weaving patterns on my 16 shaft Harris loom. Using naturally dyed cotton, Welsh wool, linen and synthetic yarns. Responding to colour palettes and landscapes.'

Dr Martens

'A collaborative project, involving a brief to design for the Dr Martens brand and come up with an interiors collection. I based my woven samples around Urban photography and harsh mark-making, along with design movements such as punk and grunge. Inspired by the Dr Martens yellow thread and Camden, I put my ideas into a collection of tactile, expressive pieces that reflected a modern interior with statement furnishings.'

Wellbeing Hygge Trend

'For this project surrounding wellbeing, I chose to focus on the Hygge trend. Hygge is a Danish word for cosiness and comfort. Using raw materials that connect us with nature and calming tones, I produced a collection of samples, made for the home. The samples are designed for wall hangings/ curtains. They provide warmth and a personal touch for millennials' homes. All the yarns are hand-dyed using natural dyes. I designed and constructed wooden hanging devices, to be easily displayed in the home. They create a cosy atmosphere, to promote wellbeing, sleep and de-stressing, when people are choosing to spend more time in their homes.'

Kew Gardens Digital Design Scarf

'A silk scarf, designed and printed digitally, to commemorate the beautiful gardens at Kew. My initial idea behind this design was to create a map of the gardens, with motifs representing key areas and the plants you can find in each area. The hand-drawn motifs celebrate Kew Gardens' conservation of plants and wildlife. I wanted to particularly focus on the conservation of bees and seeds, as well as moments where I have visited the gardens and the vast discoveries. Taking inspiration from botanical artists and my photographs, I drew each motif and composed them into a scaft design, digitally enhancing and changing them. The final outcome was inspired by Hermes silk scarfs and Toile de Jouy patterns. I have developed these designs and they are also featured on cushions.'